AUSA Family Readiness 

AUSA's Family Readiness Directorate is dedicated to providing Army families the assistance they need to help them manage the challenges of military life. Through four pillars of support, Education, Information, Advocacy, and Outreach, AUSA Family Readiness provides a platform from which Army families can voice their issues and concerns.



AUSA Family Readiness Resources for AUSA Chapters

AUSA’s Family Readiness Directorate offers numerous helpful publications for military families covering topics such as deployment, parenting, reintegration and financial planning. Publications and other materials are made available to AUSA chapters as a courtesy by AUSA’s Family Readiness Directorate in support of chapter activities targeted to Army family members. Please Note: If you are an FRG leader and would like to access these resources for a special event or meeting please contact your local AUSA Chapter. Quantities are limited.

AUSA Chapters can request publications and other materials by filling out this request form.  


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